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Keep Your Vehicle Safe & Cool with Tinting

Get premium window tinting in Drumheller and protect the interior of your vehicle from harmful UV rays

About us

Have you ever got into your car on a sweltering hot day? It can seem like it takes ages for your AC to cool down the interior meanwhile the steering wheel and seatbelts are too hot to touch. Not to mention the discomfort felt by those with vehicle’s that have leather seats. To keep your vehicle cool, get window tinting in Drumheller from Angie’s Window Tinting & Graphx. Tinting offers many benefits from keeping your vehicle cool and protecting the upholstery from fading to deterring thieves who can’t see inside because of the dark tint.

Need to advertise your business? Angie’s Window Tinting & Graphx offers customization and installation of vehicle decals, window graphics, vinyl glass etch designs, banners, sandwich boards, and more. Our professional designs and craftsmanship will help get you noticed!

Chipped windshield? We fix that too. Just contact us about our professional windshield chip repair service. Don’t let that chip go unrepaired. It can lead to more serious windshield damage that in turn could require a more expensive windshield replacement.

For over a decade, Angie’s Window Tinting & Graphx has been providing Drumheller with professional window tinting installation, graphics and decals, windshield chip repairs, and more. We can customize our film to fit any window size, from small four door passenger cars to pick-up trucks and RVs. Our window film professionals bring over 20 years of hands on experience to the business. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


Brands Carried

Global Window Films

3M Scotchgard

Solar Gard

Solyx films

Remlor films

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Products and/or Services

Window tinting

Security film installation

Anti-graffiti film installation

Automotive film installation

Decorative film installation

Cutomized film

3M paint protection service

Decals and graphics

Decal and badge removal

Vinyl glass etch design

Window frost

Window signs


Magnetic signs and decals

Sandwich boards

Windshield rock chip repair


Window tinting

Automotive windows

Home windows

Boat windows

RV windows

Paint protection film

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Angie's Window Tinting & Autographx

707 Hwy 9 South

Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y0

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